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Here and now
11th-Mar-2015 06:07 am

I am collecting stones.  My friend Melissa puts them in her bra.  She's a tv journo, and my yoga buddy.  We have agreed that even if it is a placebo, the end result is the same.  During the full moon I clambered onto the roof and left them under moonlight.  I am now half-crazy just like my mother.

The lapis is working, I am writing.  Citrine is working, I have gotten a new job offer that pays more.  Of course I don't credit stones for these things but they focus me, they are my talismans.  I still get angry, still feel grumpy sometimes, but my depression has lessened.  I sit sometimes and bask in my solitude, here in this green warm valley with blue skies.

Thr first night I slept with the clear quartz I dreamed it was pointed at my third eye and there was a sharp, piercing sound, high-pitched, verging on uncomfortable. 

I am going to ny in May, my sister is graduating.  I miss her, haven't seen her in 2 years.  This year is for growing, I am rested and feel a driven energy, steady and relentless. Something that lay fallow is rising, not forced, it is the thing I was waiting for.

11th-Mar-2015 08:18 pm (UTC)
Lapis. "Lapiz" is Spanish for "pencil". How fucking cool is THAT? I love your voice. I read everything you write in here to Elaine, we share it like a bottle of good wine.
12th-Mar-2015 10:16 am (UTC)
I knew there was a reason! Lapis lazuli is supposed to be the communication stone, even if it's silly, at least it is pretty, and blue is my favourite colour. I am writing and writing, it feels wonderful, and I am so glad that you both are reading, it is kind of comforting, I hope ya'll are happy and well, sending you good thoughts from the Caribbean :)
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