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Here and now
Caramel Bundt Cake 
10th-Nov-2014 09:00 pm
Set oven to 350F
mix eggs, cinnamon, milk
as for the sugar:
"Cast it into the fire!"
She said in her Elven Voice
stirring it with butter
rendering life into sweet
caramel dreams.

The clock ticks-changes digitally-
forward to the unveiling.
She rudely peeks past the oven door.
Lying nestled
in the fires of Mount Doom
is a perfect ring,
her Caramel Bundt Cake.

All manner of prayers baked in:
that life be sometimes fluffy and sweet,
something sticky delirious
some sweet true taste,
fleeting and wondrous.

She slices through.
'Ohmmmm,' she hums.
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