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Here and now
island rhapsody 
22nd-May-2014 10:13 pm
the night scarred and pitted with streetlights
the people are unhappy
the city dump on the outskirts of town
the minister was found in a video
snorting coke with prostitutes
the parties continue to ooze.

Once a vagrant stood outside the old
Red House, our former house of Parliament
ranting wildly,
threw bricks and smashed
the old windows
the old carcass of our soul
left empty and broken
while sirens howl and snarl.

The smiles stretch just a bit too far
cackling rings out in the darkness
children kick empty cans in the street
stare at you and hiss

the moon at night a silver beacon
so far, so far
the dogs bark and cry
we wake in the dark hours
toss and turn in the heat
and shiver.
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